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“There are problems with the GDI from Mitsubishi, we told them this 5 years ago when it first came out.
There are two problems that I have seen:
1, carbon build up in the combustion chamber.
2, light throttle miss-fire.
Depending on your problem, depends on the remedy.

1. The carbon build is caused from day one, when they put the injectors in the engine. The injectors 
are coated internally in protection oil, this causes the injector to spray badly and create poor fuel 
atomisation. Loads of wet fuel flapping around the combustion chamber will start to stick to anything 
static and hot, around the injector inlet and exhaust valves.
Eventually the injectors sort them selves out with the washing process of the fuel, but that is not 
always the case and even if they correct themselves, the problem of carbon build up has already started, 
more fuel will only add to the carbon and to the problem.
Our advice to Mitsubishi, who have ignored our advice in the UK, but have listened in other countries, is 
to clean the combustion chamber and then service the injector, even if they have new ones.
This way the system starts with the combustion chamber working correctly and efficiently and the 
problem should not return, well not as quickly!
2. The problem of light throttle misfire has been seen on a few occasions, especially when the engine 
is warm. We have found injectors to fail at low m/second duration, no matter what speed the engine is 
going, always light throttle. If you remove the injectors, ensure you know which injector comes from 
which cylinder (I know, teaching your Granny to suck eggs!)
This is a replacement injector job, but as per my previous statement, while injectors are out, the afore 
mentioned actions should be taken.
One other word of advice, do not convert GDI to LPG, it kills the injectors. Fact!!
This advice is based on our experience only and must decide if you except our advice or discard it, but 
we are in no way responsible for the actions you take in this issue. Our comments in this issue are not 
to be defined as detrimental to the vehicle manufacturer or the component manufacturer, only a fact based
on our experience.”

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